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Directly contribute to the wellbeing of the Gladstone Region, now and for the future.

Becoming a member...

When you become a member or sponsor of the GAPDL CfC project, you are directly contributing to the wellbeing of the Gladstone Region – both now and for the future.

At times, all parents and carers can feel like they’re just winging it. We know that being a parent or carer is hard work, but sometimes finding the right services and supports makes it even harder.

GAPDL Communities for Children are here for ALL parents and carers. We believe that no matter what your circumstances, if you’re looking for support, there should be options.

GAPDL CfC will ensure 85% of membership and sponsorship funding goes to direct service delivery. This includes supported playgroups, parenting programs and resources specifically to support raising strong and resilient families.

Our members

Supporting the Gladstone Region communities, families and children

How do I become a member?

Complete our application form and send to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about becoming a member?

If you’d like to become a GAPDL CFC sponsor or member, please download our membership guide and application form

Complete the application form and return it to [email protected].

There are a range of opportunity and benefits to becoming a GAPDL member.

We offer 2 Membership packages: The Gladstone Region Non For Profit Community Group & The Gladstone Region Communities for Children Supporter.

Both memberships provide the opportunity to closely collaborate with GAPDL and participating organisations in the Gladstone Region.

There are 4 major sponsorship programs.

As a Major Sponsor, we will work with you to identify the programs and supports that meet both the communities needs and your social performance goals.

For example:

  • Platinum sponsors could have naming rights to one of the supported playgroup days for a full year. All promotional material will include attribution and you will be provided with data specific to the program you sponsor.
  • Gold Sponsors could have sole branding rights to resources distributed to new parents and carers. These resources provide online education modules and access to specialists on topics relevant to babies and toddlers.
  • Silver Sponsors can provide 10-12 individuals with the opportunity to attend a 6-10 week intensive parenting/family functioning program.
  • A Bronze sponsor could have naming/branding rights for community engagement events such as the Child and Family Expo, Under 8’s Week or Children’s Week.

You can download the full membership guide here for more information on becoming member or sponsor of GAPDL CFC or contact us at [email protected]

The application form to become a member or sponsor can be found here.

Please complete and return the form to [email protected]